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Thornton Trail

Distance: 9 miles
Pace: Mainly walk and trot
Parking: Small car park at Rosewell at junction of A6094 and B7003.
There is an alternative near the cemetery.
Please note: If you are organising a group ride please remember to contact
the landowner as a matter of courtesy and for parking arrangements.

Thornton Trail

Route Description

Follow the track of the old Edinburgh to Peebles railway line, closed in 1969 and now a 10-mile bridleway, which you are welcome to use. The Thornton trail takes you off the railway line after less than a mile through tracks amid pleasant farmland. The horse trail is fairly flat and follows public roads and off road tracks. Dalhousie Chesters was a site of a roman camp.
Once you reach the public road, you can either take the longer riding route through the attractive village of Carrington, or cut back on a shorter section of road to return to the farm tracks. Arniston House is well worth a visit, as is the little village of Temple. The last half-mile takes you into Rosewell, one of the best preserved old pit mining villages in Scotland. There are a number of short cuts signed with an orange logo on this route, which are clearly marked on the map.

This route links up to the Mount Lothian trail (purple logo) to make a good day outing. Branch off just after Parduvine Farm, signposted Tyne Esk Link, and follow a very quiet straight road for just over 2 miles. 

Current Restrictions 

There are roadworks at Dalhousie Chesters near Rosewell and passage along the trail is hampered. Access should be viable at all times but roadwork activity changes daily and the trail may not be passable all the time.



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