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Mount Lothian Trail

Distance: 11.5 miles
Pace: Mainly walk and trot

Park in Mount Lothian farmyard off B6372,
out of the way of the farm machinery.
Tel: 01968 673570

Please note:

Shooting takes place some days.
To check please telephone gamekeeper 01875 830262.

If you are organising a group ride please remember to contact
the landowner as a matter of courtesy and for parking arrangements.

Mount Lothian Trail

Route Description

This horse trail is very different from the others and follows wild, exposed country as well as long sections of road. It is on higher ground and can be quite exposed in inclement weather. The first section follows a bridle track alongside pastureland with a series of gates. Only the first gate at Fullarton Farm cannot be opened from horseback, but it is usually open. Be ready for dogs and livestock. The next stretch takes you through a wooded section with a nice view down to the river below in its mossy valley of tumbled rocks. This is followed by a long section of quiet and remote country road.

Gladhouse reservoir is the largest freshwater body in the Lothians, built in 1879 to supply Edinburgh with water. The reservoir is an internationally famous roosting place for geese and wildfowl. On average over 5,000 birds are present and over 13,000 pink footed geese were once recorded, one eighth of the world population. Further on turn left along a busier road until the right turn to pass through a new plantation of conifers. Easy open gates exist on this stretch but you may have to dismount to pass through and check that the gates are properly closed behind you.


This project was part-financed by the European Community Scottish Borders, Tyne-Esk and South Lanarkshire Leader+ 2000-2006 programmes

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