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Pentland Hills Regional Park

Explore the lovely riding paths and tracks in the stunning Pentland Hills. Horse-riders have access rights to most of the Pentland Hills Regional Park, as long as you act responsibly. The following information will help you and your horse to enjoy yourself safely in this beautiful part of Scotland  

  • The Pentland Hills Regional Park is owned by a variety of landowners who use the land for various purposes, please help the land managers by following advisory signs and leaving gates as you find them.
  • In particular stay well away from sheep during lambing time (April-June), as disturbance may separate lambs from their mothers.
  • During November and December the tups are breeding with the ewes and disturbed ewes may not conceive or lose their lambs.
  • All the highlighted paths on the map are multi-use, so expect to meet walkers, cyclists, etc and be aware that some people are afraid of horses.
  • The Ministry of Defence owns a section of the hill, which is used for live firing and other training. Please follow the routes that have been agreed specifically for horse-riders and observe all warning notices.  


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