Horse Riding in the South of Scotland

South Of Scotland Countryside Trails

Planning Your Trip

What to Take & Time of Year

  • Carry an adequate map (ideally waterproof) and a compass for those venturing across high/unenclosed ground.
  • Carry enough food and water – in some areas facilities are sparse.
  • The weather is often unpredictable – carry spare clothing and a waterproof. In hot weather protect yourself and carry more water.
  • Carry a list of emergency contacts for the local area and a mobile phone.
  • Carry a hoof pick and small first aid kit.
  • If possible carry a protective ‘Equiboot’ because it is very difficult to obtain a farrier at short notice
  • Saddlebags are a good idea, those that are anchored to the girth are most stable while cantering.
  • The best time of year to enjoy the network of routes in Scotland on horseback is May to October. The days are long, countryside at its best and the weather (usually!) at its kindest.
  • Avoid riding grassy paths or the unsurfaced high hill routes during wet weather when the surface is easily chewed up.
  • How long any chosen route takes depends on your speed, fitness and terrain. 15-20 miles is the average most riders expect to cover in a day. 
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular scenery! Bear in mind that you do tend to take longer to ride the same distances you would do in a shorter time at home, where you know the route.



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